Abstract Dance Screensaver

Abstract Dance Screensaver

Abstract Dance Screensaver puts rhythm to your desktop

Abstract Dance Screensaver puts rhythm to your desktop.
This unique screensaver will definitely take you miles away from the typical idea of a screensaver. It will not display very complex animations, nor will display breath taking landscapes or cute creatures.
This one will put your screen to dance. But again, don’t expect to dance along disco or pop music. Get ready to start dancing in outer space.

You will start by watching a nice space scene, with a shiny star at the distance.
Suddenly, a colored figure starts to appear near the center of the screen. It continues to grow and then you can see it is some kind of cylinder shape figure, two in fact, that begin to grow in length and move around the screen.
The effect of the shiny colors is great against the dark background of space.
The figures keep on growing and moving, and then more figures, even bigger, appear from different sides.

You can watch mesmerized while the colors continue moving and forming different shapes all along the screen.
After a while, there are so many colored shapes on the screen that the dance is really going.

Abstract Dance Screensaver is excellent in its visuals. You can really stay glued there watching, for a long time.
However, and this one I definitely don’t understand, it has no sound!
I tried different PCs to check that they had codecs, hardware and everything, and I never got a sound.
I still wonder how a “dancing” screensaver doesn’t include music.
So if you really want to watch in awe all the dancing objects, and maybe turn on your stereo and try different kinds of music as background, this screensaver will surely delight you.

Fernando Soni
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  • Great visuals


  • No sound
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